All my pottery is handmade in my little garden studio in south west London. Tucked into the corner of my terraced garden in Teddington, where I live with my husband, two young children and our cat Willow. All my pots are crafted and finished here with a Shimpo wheel and top loading electric kiln.

The Making Process.

Each piece starts as a lump of clay (I use a flecked stoneware) which is wedged and then weighed and divided into balls for throwing. After the piece is thrown on the wheel it's left to dry for a day or two until it's 'leather hard', this allows you to handle the clay more easily, but it's still wet enough to either trim the bottom or attach a handle. The pots are then left to completely dry out before firing to 980 degrees in my electric kiln. It takes a few days for the kiln to cool down after firing, they are then unloaded and glazed in my selection of glazes by submerging the piece into the bucket of liquid glaze or pouring it into the pot. The glaze is absorbed and drys to a powder on the surface of the pot - this is the most tricky part of ceramics and the most delicate. You must be very careful when loading the glazed pots back into the kiln. Finally the kiln is set to 1260 degrees over 10 hours and voila! beautiful pottery then emerges from the kiln (you hope!).

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